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Republic of Cyprus
Capital: Nicosia
Official languages: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Documents from the Commercial Register of Cyprus can be provided in electronic and/or original paper form, apostilled and translated into any language.

Document name Electronic Document Apostilled document
Extract from the trade register of Cyprus
20 euro
from 30 min.
260 euro
3-5 days*
Historical Extract from the trade register of Cyprus
50 euro
from 30 min.
360 euro
5-8 days*
- Certificate of Incorporation,
- Certificate of Good Standing
- Certificate Of Registered Office (Address)
- Certificate Of Directors and Secretary
- Certificate Of Shareholders
50/10-12 days
70 /1-3 days
300 euro
2-5 days
Memorandum and Articles of Association
50 euro
from 30 min.
300 euro
from 4 days
Annual Returns and Accounts
50 euro
from 30 min.
300 euro
from 4 days
Business Report from 90 euro
2-5 days
* - Apostille is placed on a notarized printout of an electronic extract.
  • Terms in business days.
  • Delivery charges are not included in the price.

Extracts from Commercial Register of the Republic of Cyprus :
  • Extract (Company Search) from commercial register of Cyprus contains:
    • Company Name;
    • Company Number, Date of Incorporation/Registration;
    • Status;
    • Address;
    • Share/Capital Information;
    • Members / Shareholders;
    • Management / Representatives
    • Pledges;
      and other data.
Document language: English.
Extract fullness depends on the type of company and the availability of data in the Commercial Register .

  • Cyprus Certificate of Good Standing
    The certificate certifies that a Cyprus company is in Good Standing and is duly signed by the Registrar of Companies and includes the date of incorporation, the full company name, company registration number and states that the company is still registered in Cyprus.

  • Cyprus Certificate of Incorporation
    This document confirms the companys existence.
    The issuance of the certificate of incorporation marks the beginning of the companys legal existence and it constitutes undisputable evidence that all the legal requirements regarding its registration, as well as all relevant steps preceding its registration have been complied with. The companys registration number is stated on the certificate of incorporation.

  • Cyprus Certificate Of Change of Name
    The certificate indicates former and current names of the company. It indicates the date when the new name has been entered on the Register of Companies and registration number of the company.

  • Cyprus Certificate Of Registered Office (Address)
    The Certificate of Registered Office outlines the exact Registered Office for a company.

  • Cyprus Certificate Of Directors and Secretary
    The Certificate of Directors and Secretary is an official document which provides the name, address, nationality and appointment date of the companys Directors and Secretary.

  • Cyprus Certificate Of Shareholders
    The Certificate of Shareholders is an official document which outlines information concerning the shareholders of a company, including name and address, the class (value) of shares and the number of shares.

  • Cyprus Certificate of Capital
    The certificate indicates full name and registration number of the company, nominal and issued share capital, class and value of shares.

  • Cyprus Memorandum and Articles of Association
    The Memorandum and Articles of Association is a statutory document for registering a company in Cyprus. It contains information including the companys name and registered office as well as details about share capital such as currency, price per share, names of the shareholders and the amount of shares held as well as internal management and governance of a company.

  • Cyprus Certificate of striking off a company

  • Cyprus Certificate that the company has no charges

Business report on the company registered in the Republic of Cyprus:
The following information may be included for you in the report:
  • Company Name;
  • Company Number, Date of Incorporation/Registration;
  • Status;
  • Activities;
  • Address and Contact Information;
  • Management / Representatives;
  • Share/Capital Information;
  • Members / Shareholders;
  • Financial statement (where available);
  • Media references;
  • Branches and representative offices in Russia;
  • Subsidiaries in Russia;
  • Participation in court cases in Russia

The report may include up-to-date information or information about registered changes in the company.
We use data from national registers and other reliable sources to prepare business report.
The completeness of the report depends on your goals, the type of company and the availability of data in the registries.

The Republic of Cyprus. Legalization and translation:
The Republic of Cyprus is a party to the 1961 Hague Convention.
    The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (the Apostille Convention or the Apostille Treaty), is an international treaty. It specifies the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. A certification under the terms of the convention is called an apostille.

We can translate documents into any language for you

In the Republic of Cyprus, an offshore regime for international companies was in force from 1977 to 2004.
After the Republic of Cyprus joined the EU (May 01, 2004), the territory is no longer an offshore zone, but is still a fairly reliable and attractive low-tax jurisdiction.
The peak in the number of newly registered companies in Cyprus was in 2007. There were 29,016 registered companies. But since 2008 the number of companies established in Cyprus has been gradually decreasing. Thus, in 2015, 11 270 companies were established in Cyprus.
Cypre, as a member of the EU, has no disadvantages inherent in classical offshore zones (BVI, Bahamas, etc.).

In order for the proposed name to be approved, it must not be too similar to the name of an already existing business entity or be misleading or undesirable.
Following the submission of application for approval of the proposed name, the Registrar of Companies will carry out a search, in relation to the proposed name of a company, which will not be limited only to Cypriot business entities. As a result of this search, the Registrar of Companies may reject a name for the purposes of protecting the reputation of an international organisation not registered in Cyprus (e.g. Coca Cola, McDonalds, etc).
At the same time, if the name contains restrictive words or expressions, the necessary consent of the competent governmental authority or other body should be obtained and submitted.
Once the name is approved, the application for the companys incorporation must be submitted, in accordance with the legal form of the proposed entity/business, within six (6) months; a period during which the approved proposed name is reserved.

The company must maintain a registered office in the Republic of Cyprus, which must not be a mailbox. At the registered office of the company is where, all notifications and notices are sent (e.g. letters from the Registrar of Companies), and where the various companys registers (e.g. members, directors, charges etc.) and other documents are maintained.

The company must have at least one (1) director if it is a private company or at least two (2) directors if it is a public company. The directors must be of eighteen (18) years of age and above.
The company must also have one (1) secretary, which must be eighteen (18) years old or above.
The companys directors are legally responsible for the management of the company, and for maintaining the accounting books which are necessary for the preparation of the financial statements. At the same time, the directors are responsible for submitting the tax returns of the company and for carrying out all acts relating to the submission and payment of the tax levied.
It is noted that the directors and secretary are responsible for submitting the relevant documents and notifications, regarding the updating of the companys particulars, to the Registrar of Companies.

The liability of the companys members depends on the type of company which will be selected.
For private companies there is no minimum share capital requirement, while the minimum nominal and issued capital of a public company offered for subscription is twenty-five thousand, six hundred and twenty-nine euros (25.629).
Information regarding the share capital and the first shareholders of the company are notified to the Registrar of Companies with the memorandum of association.

  • Private limited liability company by shares
  • Pubic limited liability company by shares
  • Limited liability company by guarantee without share capital
  • Limited liability company by guarantee with a share capital
  • Variable capital investment company