01.07.2022 Cyprus. Beneficiary Registry 2022

Since June 1 of this year, the Registry of Beneficial Owners became available to the public in Cyprus.

As a reminder, a beneficial owner is any natural person who ultimately owns or controls a company. As a rule, the ownership share directly or indirectly must be above 25% + 1 share. If the beneficial owner cannot be identified, he or she is recognized as the manager.

Previously, only competent and law enforcement agencies, such as the Anti-Money Laundering Unit, Cyprus Police, Central Bank, etc. had access to the registry.

16.06.2022 Philip Kirkorov plans to build a shopping mall in the Leningrad region

Philip Kirkorov announced plans to build a shopping and entertainment complex in the Leningrad region at SPIEF-2022.

The Government of Leningrad region writes that the corresponding agreement was signed by the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko and the founders of OOO "Stroitelnye Reshenie" (ООО "Строительные решения" in Russian, "construction solutions" - translation into English) - Philip Kirkorov and Mikhail Barakin.

Getting ahead of ourselves, we could not find such a company in the ...

18.03.2022 Tax on return to Russia

Sultan Khamzaev, a deputy and a member of the Russian parliamentary committee on security and anti-corruption, put forward an initiative to create a register of "unreliable legal entities, brands, trademark owners".

According to the deputy, this registry should include companies that have stopped (suspended) their operations in Russia for political reasons.

Foreign companies that decide to resume their activities in Russia are proposed to impose additional taxes and oblige them to create some kind of security deposit.

18.03.2022 Import substitution or plagiarism

Rospatent (Russia) received an application for registration of the trademark "Uncle Vanya" (in russian - Дядя Ваня) from OOO "Russian Field-Logistic" (ООО "Русское Поле-Логистик").

Which is very reminiscent of the logo of a famous fast food chain. But, as it turned out, it wasn't the only one.

We have described the chronology of events that preceded the appearance of the trademark application and...

26.10.2018 Российский каршеринг выходит на европейский рынок
Российский (но с зарубежными корнями) каршеринг Anytime  планирует вести бизнес в Чехии и Польше

23.10.2018 Доступная информация по зарубежным партнёрам
Получить выписку по контрагенту, находящемуся за тысячи километров от вас с Деловым центром "ДИНЕКА" возможно всего за 30 минут.

22.10.2018 Реестр директоров компаний BVI и новые штрафы

18.09.2018 Первая компания на острове Русский

11.09.2018 Офшор на острове Октябрьский есть, а острова нет

11.09.2018 "Тихие гавани" для российского капитала
прямые инвестиции из России составили 488 023 млн. долларов США...

11.09.2018 Регистрация первых компаний в САР

29.08.2018 Специальный представитель МИД России теперь и предприниматель

22.08.2018 Какие страны обмениваются информацией с Россией

22.08.2018 Реестр бенефициаров на Бермудах

21.08.2018 Количество новых компаний на Кипре растет

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