change of address

from 150 euros.
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The decision to change the address is made by the sole member/shareholder or the meeting of members/shareholders.
Based on this decision, it is necessary to notify the registration authority and make appropriate changes to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the articles of associations (if necessary).
The applicant for this type of registration is the head of the Company.

Since 2016, the order of change of location has changed.
The procedure is now divided into two stages:

  1. first, the registering authority must be notified (within 3 days of the relevant decision)
  2. and only then (not earlier than 20 days) to complete the procedure..
The procedure for changing the address within the same city has not yet been changed.

In addition, the applicant is now required to submit to the registration authority, including the document(s) confirming the right to use the property where the Company plans to be located.

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